Monday, October 7, 2013

Bump Update: 20 Weeks

20 weeks.  That means we're at the halfway point!  As much as it feels like this pregnancy has flown by, it also shocks me that there is still so much time before we'll be bringing our little friend home.

Well into the 2nd trimester, I'm feeling pretty darn fantastic.  The tiredness of the 1st trimester has been replaced by the desire to eat (and eat and eat).  There's a balance between eating the extra necessary calories and eating the Halloween candy that calls to me.  

It's true when they say you feel the baby kick faster with each pregnancy. At first, I could just feel kicks moving in the evening when I finally sat down.  Now it's more frequent and throughout the day.  Each time I like to pause and see what else may happen.   By 18 weeks, it was even noticeable to family members.  Harper figured out when the baby was active, she could coral her by poking one side of my belly.  Tormenting her younger sibling in utereo.  

I have three different pregnancy apps on my phone (each has things I like, but none is perfect).  They disagree slightly about things like the size of the bambino.  The middle ground seems to be about the length of a banana.  That seems huge!  

That does not look comfortable!

We announced (finally) to our family and friends the gender of our baby.  The big sisters came with us to the ultrasound so they would be the first to know.  The ultrasound technician was very patient with their badgering about the gender.  Apparently, Georgia & Harper were less interested in knowing about the anatomy scan.  Mama and Daddy were happy to hear everything looks great! or blue?  I posted the question on Facebook, and was amused by the number of boy votes.  Probably just an assumption that after two girls, we'd for sure be having a boy.  Not this time, ladies and gentlemen!

We'll be inviting one more to the girl party!  It's all princesses and tutus here, and we can't wait to meet the little lady!

We took a zillion pictures, but the silly ones turned out to be my favorite.  

Balloons make her so happy, and so did finding out she's going to have a second little sister.