Saturday, November 12, 2011

Little Man Shower: DIY Bowties

So excited to say that Ethan is almost here!  One of my favorite people is having a little boy, and I decided since our lives are so jammed packed full of princesses and dance classes that her shower would celebrate the manliness!

The first thing I knew I needed were bow ties.  Since the shower will be held where we both work and there are only women, we needed to suit up (as Barney Stinson would say) to get in the right mood.  

I picked four fabrics in what resembled tie-friendly prints.  Each bow tie was attached to an invitation.  

Step by step instructions on my bow tie factory...
How to Mass Produce Bow Ties

1.  I cut fabric into 10 x 6 inch pieces.  I got 8 bow ties out of each 1/4 yard (but I only planned for 6,  just to make sure I didn't have to wait in line again at the cut counter).  

2.  I cut smaller 1.5 x 6 inch pieces which I'll use for the center.

3.  I folded the left side in to the middle, and then the right.  This way the seam will be more discreet.  I did the same thing for the small center strip.

4.  I ironed my folded ties.  Mega Awesome Tip: Have you tried using your flat iron for small crafting jobs?  I have, and I love it.  I may end up with fabric and string stuck in my hair someday soon.

Here's my stack as it grew larger and larger.

5.  Next, I dabbed the seam with some hot glue.  I found that running along the whole seam made it a little too stiff for the next step, so I just used a dab here and there.

6.  Pinch the center of the fabric to form your bow shape.

7.  Attach the small center strip to the back of your bow with hot glue.  Pull it around the front and then secure it with more hot glue in the back.  

7.  To attach the pins to the bow ties, I used more hot glue.  Sewing pins would work too if you wanted to skip this step and sit down for a little while.