Friday, December 16, 2011

Let It Snow

Thought I'd share some more pictures from my mom's snowflake birthday party.

Spooky Halloween tree with a makeover with some ribbon and snowflake ornaments. 

Party City got some snowflake paper goods in stock like they knew the party theme.  

A super inexpensive embellishment for plastic wine glasses--cut out snowflakes attached with glue dots.  They also served as wine charms.

It worked out well because my mom had snowflakes hidden throughout her house already.

Snowflakes on the mantle.  

My aunt, the other birthday girl, makes the most amazing fudge ridiculously good.  So we tricked her into making white chocolate fudge for herself.  This is your portion.

This is mine.  One pan accidentally didn't get cut up for the party.  Oops.  What am I going to do with this extra pan?  

Chocolate snowflakes for cupcake topping.  Here's how I made similar toppers.

Christmas light garland.  There's a tutorial after the jump.

Super duper easy Christmas light garland...

1.  Buy Christmas lights on clearance after Christmas.  The white ones are my favorite

2.  Cut 2 yards of assorted fabric and 4 spools of ribbon into strips approximately 8 inches in length.  You can lessen the amount of ribbon and fabric and just place your ties farther apart.  This strand is white and silver, but we have one for each holiday.

3.  Tie around light strand.  Gaps are okay.  You'll save yourself an hour if you don't tie them on top of each other.