Saturday, November 17, 2012

House Update!

I'm really super duper excited to share with you a house can look back and see the first post on the hunt here.  I'm skipping right over House #5.  It didn't really have a good nickname, and we got no response after our offer.  

On to House #6, Our House!

Matt, the girls, and I filled a Saturday with home viewings.  What a jackpot!  We found two properties that we really liked.  One was a condo with a ton of bedrooms and fun ammenities for the kiddos.  The next place we went to was a house literally two blocks from my parents' house and directly across the street from my mother's childhood home.

As cliche' as it sounds, it more than any other place felt like us.  It's quirky and fun and eclectic and adorable!  The house was built in 1919 (yes, I've already started planning the house's 100th birthday party).  The sweet little house has had a few upgrades in the past century though.  

The house features a finished attic, which you access from the second bedroom.  It's going to be such a fun space for the little girls.  Georgia's already planning sleepovers for her friends.  

Another fun benefit of the house is an un-attached bonus room.  It's going to be such a great space for hanging out during the warm California summer...or the warm California fall, winter, or spring.

We knew immediately that we needed to live in this house.  If the seller didn't accept our offer, not only would we be heart-broken, but I might have had to break in and steal the chandeliers.  It really was in both of our best interests that he accepted, and he did!

Nothing about the escrow process is a breeze.  Even with pre-approvals, there's always more paperwork to submit, more phone calls to make, more more more.  This is the first month ever that I've been notified that we were in danger of exceeding our cell phone minutes.  Not the final push of wedding planning, the arrival of our children, nothing has required as much time on the telephone.  Thankfully, Matt did most of it!

We are now less than two weeks away from moving day.  Expect tons of pictures of the house, my projects to turn it into our house, and my family living within it!