Monday, January 21, 2013

Mommy Doesn't Play Doctor

One component of being a mom that I'm not comfortable with is playing doctor.  Nurse, yes.  Doctor, no.  I can comfort and soothe, clean up bodily fluids, or turn on another Disney movie with no problem.  What I can't do is diagnose.

Croup again?!?!

I am very comfortable yielding to the professionals.  I, of course, want to have a voice in the medical treatment of my children.  However, I am becoming so disappointed by my increasing role as medical diagnostician.

My girls have been sick a lot the past few months.  Ear infections, the flu, croup, countless cases of sniffles...the list goes on and on.  We don't rush to the pediatrician for every bump or bruise, but with such an expansive assortment of ails recently we have seen the good doctor a bunch.  Each time I go I get asked things like, "Do you want to do a strep test?"  If there's a chance she has it, yes.  I elected to torture Georgia with a blood test for mono after weeks and weeks of not improving.  I never thought mono was a possibility until it was brought up, but then I was asked to make the call.

Here's how I'd like the visits to the pediatrician to go...
Me: I'm concerned about fill in symptoms.
The Doctor:  I think the cause may be fill in possibilities and I'd like to do the following tests: some stuff I saw on House.  Do you have any questions or concerns?
Me: Nope, awesome.

Ask me what my children had for dinner the past month, and I can tell you.  But I just want a doctor to tell me what my sick children need to get better...and I'll even pay you!  Okay well, my insurance will pay you.  Is that really so much to ask?

Although I like the pediatrician a great deal personally, I'm contemplating finding someone new.  Is this a common experience, or am I expecting too much?