Sunday, May 12, 2013

How I Met Your Mother Day

Barney Stinson may celebrate "Not a Father's Day," but we celebrated How I Met Your Mother Day here.  

It started with the secret plans of our 5-year-old to make me breakfast in bed.  She's not the most discreet and when you add in comments like "Mommy, you're going to need to sleep in a lot tomorrow," you kinda know what's going on.  Along with the sweet card she made at preschool, Georgia brought me How I Met Your Mother Season 5.  

It's my favorite tv show, but I'm sure I am rapidly approaching the age when the innuendos stop going over my daughters' heads.  Thankfully for this Mother's Day, we aren't there yet.  Amusingly, Georgia kept mixing up the name of the holiday and has renamed it How I Met Your Mother Day.  

So after a day full of pancakes in bed, lunch with the in-laws, a birthday party (yup, we went to a classmate's party too), I'm back at home and watching my beloved show.  If this is how I spent every Mother's Day, I'd be pretty stoked.  

And just an aside to my daughters, please don't date Barney.