Saturday, June 22, 2013

Multiple Party Themes

In just a few short weeks, my younger daughter will be turning four.  In honor of her birthday, we are having a Hello Kitty/Ladybug/Ninjago/Lilo & Stitch Party.  Not joking.  That’s the theme she picked.

It began with a Hello Kitty Ladybug party, and that will remain the main theme.  In a sweet concern for her boy cousin, she added Ninjago.  This allows the boys at the party to have their own theme.  I tried to narrow it and leave off the Ninjago part, but to no avail.  She won’t let it go. 

Now, Lilo & Stitch…that’s totally random.  She’s not a huge fan of the movie, we haven’t read that book recently, and we certainly haven’t been on an island vacation.  She saw a Lilo & Stitch balloon and decided that we needed to include this element as well.

I’m having an internal struggle between embracing all of the themes she’s picked and making her party what I consider cute and well-planned.  The main point to remember in this inner battle is that it is not my party

So Hello Kitty/Ladybug/Ninjago/Lilo & Stitch it is.  Happy Almost Birthday, Little One!