Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beach Bum Baby Shower

Sweet Kelly's baby should be here any day.  I can't wait to expand our circle of friends with another little girl!  Kelly found super cute baby bedding with sea turtles  all over it.  My sister and I used the bedding as inspiration and made a beach-themed baby shower.  

More pictures...

Guests were asked to hang up advice for the new mom.  I loved the advice saying not to listen to advice. :)

 Mason jars w/, yellow, & white meringue cookies.  We call them "angel snot" in my family which is so not appetizing.  

I used my Cricut to make pink & yellow tags for the jars, buckets, and wherever else I could put them.  

Loved looking at all the baby pictures of the future parents.  

 My daughter's Bla Blah mermaid made a great table accent.

 How cute are these tongs??

You can see the pinwheels in the back...okay, well kinda.

Each place setting had a baby food jar filled with pink salt-water taffy.  My sisters and I were bartering with taffy and meringue cookies.