Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Music Listening Party

My husband turned 34 on Friday.  Now, our daughters consume the whole month of their birthdays with their celebrations.  We, being so mature, only require a weekend.  Matt's birthday weekend started with tapas on Friday night (my mother who was babysitting thought I said we went to a "topless" restaurant).  We spent most of Saturday at Disneyland.   Today we had a music listening party with some friends and family.

Here were the rules: bring no more than three of your favorite songs right now.  We sampled some jams and sampled some desserts.  The results: friends have good taste and now my husband has a iTunes shopping list.
Boom Box Whoopie Pies 

Some music-themed desserts after the jump...

I used marshmallow-filled whoopie pies and made boom boxes using gummy Starbursts and some icing writers.


 My girls helped make records out of the Oreos.

One of the tables set up with all the things I shouldn't be eating, but make me so darn happy.

My boom box cupcakes.