Monday, January 16, 2012

Neapolitan Cupcakes

I heart would get a temporary tattoo of it's logo love.  So I found this recipe for Neapolitan Cupcakes and knew I needed to eat them.

I'll admit that I totally cheated and used cake mix and brownie mix.  I made myself feel better by buying low-fat versions of each.  So this is basically health food.   

Basically, it is a brownie on the bottom, strawberry cake in the middle, and vanilla frosting on top.  We put pink chocolate hearts on top because of the three flavors, chocolate is my favorite and I want as much of it as possible.  I like how uneven Georgia and I made the hearts.  Love ain't perfect, right?

 My baking assistant.  She took over frosting the cupcakes.  

She also helped my deliver the final product to a couple of houses.  A couple dozen cupcakes wouldn't last long at my house because I'd pretend to need to feed the dogs and eat one in the garage (so I wouldn't have to share).  Since I'm not totally abandoning my New Year's Resolutions yet, they needed to get outta here.  

Ugh.  Third broken cake stand in three months.  It's an epidemic now.