Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rainbow Unicorn Party

It was a magical day at Harper's Rainbow Unicorn Party.  Big props to our family and friends for making it such a great day for her.  Here are some of the highlights:

Rainbow Unicorn Decorations

Paint chip rainbow...Not tricky & super inexpensive diy project.  I made a foam board covered with paint chips and finished it off with two white pom pom clouds. 

Keeping with the paint chips, I made some cupcake toppers & wrap keeper togetherers.  Yup, that's a word.  
Paint chip utensil holders...two paint chips hot glued together with a white unicorn were free since I had the utensils and white card stock at home already.  

 Using crepe paper streamers from the Dollar Tree, I fancied up the tables.  My helpers supervised from below the table.

 Melted crayon was our first attempt, but it ended up super cute!

Unicorn handbands...just in case you don't have a rainbow t-shirt in your closet.   I found Ashley's Crafts which has a bunch of cute templates for animal headbands.  I used those as a starting point to sketch a horn and ears.  

Rainbow Unicorn Party Activities

Using leftover baby food jars as crayon holders, guests were invited to color their own rainbows using half of a paper plate.

Unicorn races...I have a tendency to make other work for people.  This was no exception.  My mother in law made these super amazing unicorns and ponies for our races.  The pattern came from Craftsy for only $6.50!  

The racers lining up.  

Remember how I said I made work for other people?  Got my mom and aunt sewing gold medals for the race contestants!

 We modified a medal idea I found here.  The posting was all about Olympics which is totally perfect timing with the upcoming games.

Now just some super cute pictures I love...

Hanging with the birthday girl 
Hugging her sister because she's excited about cake
Rainbow chocolate dipped ice cream cones make me happy too
My piece
So stinking sweet

And she's done!