Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tooth Fairy Ideas

The Tooth Back Story:
Lots of things in my world as a mama I'm totally ready for.  Recitals, potty training, bedtime.  Something I just so wasn't expecting was a loose tooth!  Georgia is four and a half, four and a half!  

She mentioned it was wiggling, but it didn't really hit me that it would fall out any time soon.  We were hanging with our super sweet friends, Riley and Logan, and their mama at Disney's California Adventure when a pack of fruit snacks began our adventure.

Here's the big girl missing one on the bottom row.  There's a total grown-up tooth back there.

Tooth Fairy Preparations:
So I then had the late afternoon and evening to get my act together and get ready for the arrival of the Tooth Fairy.  I knew I wanted Georgia to have a special place to put her tooth, so I found some adorable options online.  Since I had hours, not days, I got busy making one myself.

I simplified the tutorial for a Tooth Fairy Pillow because I have limited sewing skills.

Now, I have a tendency to go a little overboard, and, thankfully, so does the Tooth Fairy.  She commemorated the event with this special free printable certificate.  What I particularly adore about this version (she has so many available online) is that her name is Flossie which was my grandmother's name.  Maybe grandmas get to be tooth fairies, who knows!

Here is the link to get your own.

The Tooth Fairy also brought a super fancy new toothbrush, toothpaste, and the traditional monetary gift.  How much is the T.F. giving out these days?  Georgia got "two monies" and was elated, but that might not suffice as she gets older.  

As the dentist predicted at her check-up, the other bottom tooth is due to fall out soon.  Got to get ready for Round 2!   

In case you've got a wiggly tooth in your house, here are some other cute ideas:
*  How Does She had a super special idea of leaving a glass of water out.  The Tooth Fairy colors changes it to the color of your princess dreams when she comes to retrieve your tooth.

*  T.F. uses hairspray and glitter to make money sparkly.

*  Since she's so fairy-tastic, she might just leave behind fairy dust as she flies through the house.  It looks a lot like fine glitter.  

*  We wrote a letter explaining how the tooth was lost and thanking her for her gift.  I made sure to photocopy for Georgia's scrapbook.