Wednesday, September 5, 2012

School Pictures

The school supply shopping, the nerves of meeting a new teacher, the early mornings.  I'm pretty new to this whole "Back to School" thing from a parent's point of view.  Actually, it's more "To School" since Georgia is just starting out.

A new milestone was school pictures.  Her teacher told the class to make sure to look their best, and Georgia didn't want to disappoint.  Now, fancy for me means straightening my wavy hair.  Georgia wanted the opposite.

We rocked the old-fashioned pink curlers so there would be less chance of me burning her head and reliving the guilt of scorching my child daily as I looked at her school picture.  This is currently her favorite pose for photographs.  No clue where it came from.  

 The after look.  I'll share the final product once they come in.  Ohhh, my baby's growing up!