Saturday, August 31, 2013

A New Sibling Scavenger Hunt

If you haven't heard the news, we're having a baby!  Everybody is super excited, especially our older children.  My husband and I were so excited about sharing the news with them, and wanted to make it a very special day.

Since our Scooby Doo Mystery Party, the girls have been pretty excited about mysteries and scavenger hunts, so we thought it'd be a fun way for them to find out they are going to be big sisters!

The Hunt:
Harper found the initial clue & instructions taped to her wall.

After solving each clue, they were rewarded with a letter (they spelled out BABY).

She wasn't sure what was in store, but it didn't matter she was thrilled!

Each clue was read by my husband.  They were very simple rhymes so that both girls (they are 4 & 5) could help solve the mystery.

After they found the next letter!

This was the final clue that the girls found.

Georgia's reaction was priceless.  She stared at my belly for a good five minutes.  Her first statement was, "Congratulations!  Thank you!"  

We felt like there needed to be a gift for the new big sisters.  Honestly, when isn't a gift a good idea?  So the girls both got new Mickey Mouse ears, but instead of their names we had "Big Sister" embroidered on them.

Dancing for joy at the thought of a baby joining our family.

Adding a new member to the family is such an exciting time.  I'm so grateful for the reaction both of the girls had when finding out the news.  By making it a special day for them, we are letting them know how big of a party it will be when there's another member of our family.