Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Keeping Baby's Gender a Secret...for Now

Call it Grandma Torture, but we know the gender of our baby...and we're not telling yet.

The normal schedule at my OB is to schedule an anatomy ultrasound around 18 weeks.  During this appointment you can find out the gender if you're interested.  We had an ultrasound at 12 weeks, and I thought it couldn't hurt to ask if I should start buying pink or blue clothing.  Of course it was too early to tell.  Because of swelling, boy & girl parts all kinda look the same that early on.

But then the magic happened!  We went into Before the Stork in Anaheim, and Terry was able to tell us definitely the gender even though I was less than 14 weeks pregnant at the time.  The total appointment lasted about 10 minutes, but during that time she checked the parts from every imaginable angle.

The Gender Special package is advertised on their website for $59.  Here's what it includes:
  • 10 minute 2D ultrasound
  • 2 black & white photos
  • DVD recording of your session
  • GE Voluson 730 EXPERT System (don't exactly know what that is, but it sounds fancy!)
  • Viewing for all of your guests
  • Hearing baby's heartbeat
  • A sneak peek at a 3D ultrasound

We had previously visited Before the Stork to get a sneak peek at our older children.  Technology is crazy!  In addition to being able to see their sweet faces, we got to see some mannerisms and positions.

Baby Harper 

So now, what are we waiting for?  Call me crazy (or hormonal...I can blame all kinds of things on being pregnant that really aren't related), but I wanted the announcement to be just that, an announcement.  Getting everybody together has been a planning dilemma.  I'm still planning, and driving everyone crazy in the meantime.

Boy or girl, we're thrilled!  Just a little big longer, and I promise I'll spill the beans!