Saturday, October 1, 2011

DIY Tangled Pinata

Rather than buying a generic princess pinata, I wanted to figure out how to make a Tangled pinata.  I love that the materials are mostly things I have at home already!


 I started with searching the house for an appropriately-sized circle.  The glass bowl is 10.5 inches in diameter.  

 Next, I took a large section of the cardboard box and rolled it.  Rolling the cardboard makes it much easier to work with.

I rolled it a couple of times.

Then, I attached the softened cardboard to the circular base with clear packing tape.  My pinata's now 18 inches tall.

Here's what it looks like flipped over.  I cut a notch so I could fill the pinata with candy later.  I also like filling pinatas with things like stickers, small (and soft!) toys, and band-aids.  Band-aids are huge in my house.  

 I cut a slightly larger circle (12.5 inches) and attached it with tape.  I put some tape X's across the top.  I just kinda like using the tape gun.

I attached a 6-inch tall piece of softened cardboard to the larger of the circles.

 Then, I topped it with a second of the larger circles.

I cut a hole in the top so I could string the rope through.

I made a cone shape by making a big circle, softened the cardboard, cut a radius (outside to center), and shaped it into a cone.  This part was the most annoying.  I strung the rope through the top of the cone.

I covered the base of the tower in white tissue paper and the top in purple using plain old Elmer's Glue.  I wanted to make sure that you wouldn't see any cardboard if the crepe paper moved.

I wrapped the base in white tissue paper.  I cut 3/4 of the way through each row to look more like tile.

 The bottom was visible so I ruffled the crepe paper a little.

Here's the base covered.  Now, go pick up your children from preschool and finish the rest tomorrow.

I covered the purple tissue paper with purple crepe paper by ruffling the rows a little.

Here's what it looks like covered.

 Next, I decorated the tower with vines and flowers.

 It's done!