Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tangled Desserts

Rapunzel wished desperately to leave her tower to see the floating lights that floated in the skyline every year on her birthday.  Considering the 18 years she spent trapped there, it most certainly needed to be represented at Georgia's Tangled party.

One tower-themed dessert were powdered Donettes on a stick.  I was trying to decide how large the cone tower needed to be so I tried Googling the size of Donettes.  Shockingly, I found nothing.  Who cares about the calories?  I want to decorate with em!  My poor children had to deal with eating a box of Donettes the week before the party so I could use some as models.  Poor things.

I ended up making a 4-inch circle, slit the circle, and formed the cone.  I used my hot glue gun to attach the cones to the stick.  Since I didn't want to fill the entire stick (the parents might kill me) with donuts, I tied a bow at the bottom of the third donut.

Santa worked hard last Christmas to find this out of stock tower for Georgia.  It doubled as cake stand for her party.  

I used my Cricut Cupcake Wrapper cartridge to make the purple crown wrappers.  I've found using the "Fit to Length" feature with the size set to 8-inches fits standard-sized cupcakes.