Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Cake Ideas for the Decorating Challenged

No time to channel your inner-Martha and blow everyone away with your adorableness and mastery of the pastry bag this Halloween?  Here are some less-tricky treats this Halloween:

Make a cute cake topper out of paper.  I cut this out on my Cricut using the Mini Monsters cartridge.  The tree and house are two separate pieces.  I'll be sticking them in stacked round cakes.

Even simpler?  Do an image search on Google, print your favorite on card stock, cut out, attach BBQ skewers (or toothpicks if it's short).

More treats coming up...

My sister made individual spider cakes with licorice legs when our October babies turned one.  Super simple with their candy corn fangs and chocolate chip eyes.

Georgia started to resemble a vampire with the red covering her face.  Makes a mommy proud to see her with a handful of cake. 

Of course she makes the ice cream from scratch and the cookies, too.  To mimic this, I'll be hitting up the freezer section to purchase some pre-made sandwiches and chocolate ice cream cones.  When I was little, I loved the Baskin Robbins clowns made with cones for faces.  I'd probably add a scary witch's face made from candy to make it my own.

A little orange frosting and sprinkles make an instant pumpkin!  The pretzel stems could be replaced with Tootsie Rolls if you're not into a salty and sweet combo.  I think the green cupcake liners add to the look.