Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tangled Party Banners

My sweet princess, Georgia, turned 4!  
Here are my favorite pictures of her in front of the banners with Maximus (apple-loving member of the Royal Guard) and her cousin, Cooper.

Want to make your own?  Here's how...

This was the initial inspiration at Disneyland.  I knew I wanted to make a simplified version of these.

I bought rectangular plastic tablecloths in two shades of purple.  I cut them into 12-inch strips.  They're 54-inches long just because that's how wide they came and I'll all about doing less steps. 

Clear packing tape is awesome.  I taped the strips together.  

 Next, I made 1-inch fold and taped that down.  I stuck a wooden dowel through that I temporarily removed from an American flag.  To make sure it would move too much along the dowel I attached the  banner with a tiny bit of glue from my trusty hot glue gun.

I gathered the ends and used a twist-tie to keep it together.  I covered the ties with satin bows with flowers hot glued in the center so it was okay with me that they didn't match.

To decorate it, I made paper vines which I hot glued on.  I used my Cricut Cake Basics cartridge for the vines.  I cut them with "fit to page" on so they were almost 12 inches long.   I also bought some flowers from the Dollar Tree.