Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!  Our celebration was camping out in the backyard in our Taj Mahal (actually a Coleman tent).  We bought it when Harper was a baby, so we needed one big enough for our inflatable air mattress and a playpen.  It's the best tent ever.  Maybe it is the immense size or perhaps the closet.  Yup, the closet.

Before it got too dark to take pictures.

I accept the irony of entertaining ourselves in our Earth Day backyard campout by watching "Muppets Treasure Island" on the laptop.  In the morning, the girls decided they wanted to play Hide and Go Seek.  So it's a 6-person tent which is big, but not so big that's there's anywhere to actually hide.  Whatever...they were happy AND it didn't involve using any electricity.

Earth Day also happens to be my brother's wedding anniversary.  Check out this awesome shot of my siblings, the bride Amy, and her sister Becky.   

1990 Earth Day

Time to get off the computer and back outside!  Hope you have a great day full of recycling, hiking, and composting.  :)