Sunday, April 22, 2012

iPhone Cake

iPhone cake

How fun is this homemade iPhone cake?!?!  It was made by my awesome friend Chris French for his 12-year-old daughter Sarah.  Let's start with why this is so rad.  Reason #1:  It was like a month ago that Chris told me he made his first layer cake.  Reason #2:  They came up with the idea yesterday and executed it immediately.  Reason #3:  He made it with his daughter.  

So how'd they do it?  They made a double layer sheet cake and frosted it.  Simple enough.  The apps were all made by using sugar paper from ABC Cakes in Orange, CA.  They are also available from Wilton.  Sugar paper is exactly what you'd think it'd be...edible paper.  Using Wilton FoodWriters or a similar edible marker, they drew the various apps from Sarah's new iPhone.  

Super rad cake for a super rad girl (made by her super rad dad).