Monday, April 30, 2012

!Pinata Cookies!

Are you kidding me?  How insanely adorable are these Pinata Cookies from She Knows?  The tutorial makes it sound like a piece of cake (or piece of cookie?).  I'm going to attempt to make these for my nephew's birthday party this weekend.

Since it's so close to Cinco de Mayo, I knew I wouldn't have time to order a donkey-shaped cookie cutter online (without paying undesirable overnight fees), although Amazon had these available.  I recruited my dad to go to the local cake supply store that confirmed they had them in stock over the phone.  Double whoop for retired parents!

Maybe I need an elephant cookie cutter also so I can rock some political cookies when November is a little nearer.  :)

I'll let ya know how they turn out.  !Viva la fiesta!