Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Candy Pie

Easter is a week away, and I was assigned the dessert portion of the meal (horray!).  This gives me an excuse to spend the next week baking up a storm.  One thing that's on the dessert menu for sure is Candy Pie.

My mom found the recipe at the grocery store years ago, and it is reserved exclusively for Easter in our family.  Why if it's so ridiculously amazing?  Because it takes a year for your cavities to fill after eating a piece.  The pie filling is made up of melted Hershey kisses and Cool Whip, but not to be ignored is the peanut butter cup layer.  Oh my goodness, it's sweet!

The recipe is on the Hershey website right here.  This is a great thing to bake with little helpers because the hardest part is unwrapping all of the candy.  Actually, the hardest part is unwrapping the candy and not eating it.

Now, I've got to figure out what everyone else will be eating.  What are you making for Easter?